Program Öğrenme Çıktıları
Program Öğrenme Çıktıları
1 To make use of knowledge gained on the same or different area on top of under -graduate/graduate level for gaining further knowledge, devoloping research, discussions, evaluations and practical implementations.
2 To extent any limited knowledge through scientific methods in his/her subject and to make use of knowledge with social and ethic responsibility.
3 To independantly fictionise problems in his/her work area, to develop solutions, evaluate results and to implement when necessary.
4 To convey knowledge, new developments on his/her own work to familiar or nonfamiliar grops in a systematical way.
5 To develop new strategic approaches and taking part and responsibility in solutions on any unexpected problems.
6 To develop strategy, policy and implementig plans in relevant areas, and evaluate obtained results in the frame of quality processes.
7 To have writing and oral communication skill in at least one foreign language (“European Language Portfolio Global Scale”, Level B2).
8 To have a computer skill including hardware, IT and computational communication knowledge.
9 To teach and control values withy social and ethic values in collect and processing data on his/her work subjects.
10 To use and imlement the gained knowledge and problem solving skill in interdisciplinary works.
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