Dersin Program Çıktılarına Katkısı

No Program Öğrenme Çıktıları KatkıDüzeyi
1 2 3 4 5
1 He/ she has the ability to use the related materials about mathematics, constructed on competency, achieved in secondary education and also has the further knowledge equipment. X
2 Evaluating the fundamental notions, theories and data with academic methods, he/ she determines and analyses the encountered problems and subjects, exchanges ideas, improves suggestions propped up proofs and inquiries. X
3 He/ she has the competency of executing the further studies of undergraduate subjects independently or with shareholders. X
4 He/ she follows up the knowledge of mathematics and has the competency of getting across with his (or her) professional colleagues within a foreign language. X
5 He/ she has the knowledge of computer software information as a mathematician needs. X
6 He/ she has scientific and ethic assets in the phases of congregating, annotating and announcing the knowledge about mathematics. X
7 He/ she has the ability to make the mathematical models of contemporary problems and solving them. X
8 He/ she uses the ability of abstract thinking. X
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