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1 Content and objective of the course.
2 The time of Mehmed the Conquerer; Conquest of Istanbul, conquests in the Balkans and Anatolia
3 The time of Mehmed the Conquerer; conquest on Seas, expansion on the Black Sea, Aegean islands and Dalmacia; Ottoman Qaraman and Ottoman Aqqouyunid struggles
4 The time of Bayezid II; problem of Cem, Sahkulu Revolt, struggles in Anatolia and the Balkans. Struggle with Shia
5 Yavuz Sultan Selim; Struggle with Shia, struggle with Mameluk Empire, conquest of Egypt and Arabia
6 The rule of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566): Ottoman State as a universal power; Conquest of Hungary, relations with Austria, Franca and the other European states
7 The rule of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566): Ottoman State’s politics on Iran, Caucasus, Africa and Arabia
8 The rule of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566): Activities in the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. General Ottoman Maritime policy
10 The time of Selim II. (1566-1574): Janissary revolt, the Ottoman State’s politics on Arabia, Ethiopia, the Yemen, Aden and Egypt; conquest of Cyprus, and Lepanto Defeat
11 The time of Murat III. (1574-1595): Ottoman-European relations, Ottoman-Iranian, Georgian relations; Ottoman Wallachian, Moldavian, Romanian and Austrian relations
12 The time of Mehmed III. (1595-1603): Ottoman Walachian, Hungarian, Austrian politics, Egri campaign and following Turkish-Austrian battles
13 The time of Ahmed I. (1603-1617): Zitvatorok Agreement, Celali Revolts, Istanbul Revolt, Turco-Iranian Battles
14 The times of Mustafa I. and Osman II (1617-1622): Ottoman-Iranian, Ottoman-Austrian, Ottoman- Moldavian relations; Central revolts and murder of Osman II.


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