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1 Sets Are community members ?, Is the place where the elements are collected? Why do we need to set? The paradox about sets.
2 Intuitively sets, open sets, closed set how must be understood? Operations on sets.
3 Natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, irrational numbers an overview of all the properties of real numbers
4 Finite, limitation on countability and infinity
5 Cartesian product, an intuitive approach on the functions and types. Is Mathematics limited to classificate subset of Cartesian product ?
6 How should we understand Limits and Continuity? What does it do?
7 Why are we derivating? What is derivation as derivatives?, What is Support as derivatives? Why do we find the tangent of a curve?
8 Thoughts on Integration and integrals
9 Why establish structure on a set? How establish? What does it do, and what are the unchanging characteristics protected by these structures?
10 Mathematical Beauty I: diagrammatic representation of a mathematical system
11 Mathematical Beauty II: curves, permutations of abstract matrices (diagrammatic) multiplications
12 Mathematical beauty III: triangles, quadrangles, about the circle and disc
13 Mathematical beauty IV: Surfaces, n-genes, characteristics
14 Mathematical beauty V: Braids, knots and tangles


Ders Notu 1.Temel matematik, Analiz, Geometri ve soyut matematik kitapları.
Ders Kaynakları 2.Kauffman, L., Knots and physics, World Scientific , London,1993.

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