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1 Basic concepts about polymers.
2 Procedures of conditions of polymers.
3 Mechanical properties, tensile, compression, flexural tests and their standards.
4 Impact test, hardness and wear tests of polymers and their standartds.
5 Fatigue, creep and stress strain tests of polymers and their standartds.
6 Thermal tests and high performance tests
7 Electrical properties and electrical resistivity tests.
8 Flame retardancy test of polymers, UL 94 and oxygen index tests.
9 Analytical tests, density, moisture and water absorption of polymers.
10 Color, transparency and brighness analysis of polymers.
11 Melt flow index, viscosity, thermal analyze tests.
12 Characterization analysis of polymer materials.
13 Fracture test of polymers
14 Non destructive testing of polymers, ultrasonic testing


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