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1 Repeat of Past semester General reminiscence of the issues related to the past term Repetition of previous exercises and theoretical information
2 Introduction to simple maqam General information about simple makams, general characteristics of simple makams, general information about types of melodic structures
3 Open and closed sounds in Ney In Ney the fingers are closed and the voices found by the voices of the voices and the same frekansun sounds
4 Sequence studies about simple authorities (Studies) Theoretical information about Uşşak hicaz rast and kürdi makamları
5 Transition to instrumental works related to the learned authorities Exercise exercises in simple procedures related to Uşşak hicaz and kürdi makams
6 To perform instrumental work on the relevant authorities Exercise exercises in simple procedures related to Uşşak hicaz and kürdi makams
7 An overview Rehearsal and exercise exercises in simple makam in 10/8 mixed procedures
8 Practice of passing instruments in music terms to distinguish the verb form from other forms as parts of the features and places to be used
9 Farabi's "Rast Düşems" General information about the Rast office
10 Refik Fersan delivered "Musahabatı Musikiye" and followed the defective sounds Explanations about the Yegah voice falling exercises in Rast perception, listening to the records related to Rast
11 Tab-i Mustafa Efendi's "Bayati Yürük Semai" General information about the Yürük semai system, general information about the Neva office, records written in this manner
12 Interpretation techniques Ney'de kullanılan yorumlama teknikleri, çarpmalar glisandolar ve değişik kademe geçişlerinde yapılabilecek süsleme çeşitleri
13 Interpretation of works based on interpretation Listening to the records of the works performed in the simple makam and learning the decoration pass and glisandolas
14 An overview Studying at home in order to recall the topics learned in this period in general, to investigate what kind of ornaments are made by recording the works performed in simple makams


Ders Notu

Ass.Prof.Süleyman Erguner Ney Method Istanbul 2007, Neyzen Ahmet Kaya Ney Method Istanbul 2003, Cengiz Atlan Course notes

Ders Kaynakları
ÖZALP, Nazmi, Turkish Music Forms, TRT, Ankara, Publication no: 239 TRT TSM Archives, Turkish Music Course notes and instrument records, bands
AKDOĞU, Honor, Species and Forms in Turkish Music, İzmir, 1996

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