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1 Aim and introduction of the Course, place and importance in Turkish arts.
2 Introduction of bibliography, classification of Turkish motifs and drawings methods.
3 THESIS: preparatory study A File consisting of Vegetable and Animal motifs seen in Turkish arts.
4 Mathematical drawing techniques of motifs based vegetable contents, colour and contour studies.
5 Quiz: Drawing studies of motifs.
6 Drawing and composition studies of rumi motifs used in Turkish Ornamentation Arts.
7 Quiz: Practicing exercises related to handled subjects.
8 Mathematical drawing technics and composition features of geometric motifs used in Turkish Ornamentation Arts.
9 Intermediate Exam.
10 Nature motifs and composition features used in Turkish Ornamentation Arts. Coloured sample studies.
11 Introducing of carpet-rug motifs, mathematical drawing methods.
12 Continuation of practicing studies.
13 Application to graphical study of carpet and rug motifs.
14 Exercise, file deliveries and evaluation.


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