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1 Fundamentals of gas fuels
2 Fundamental rules for building installation
3 Rules of the equipment montage, drawing the project and schematic plains
4 Drawing the equipments on the installation project
5 Boiler room installation, follow rate measurement devices and chimneys
6 Calculation of natural gas installation (21 mbar and the systems have lower building consumption value than 31 m³/h) and introduce the chart of pipe diameter calculation
7 Calculation of pressure loss
8 Calculation of natural gas installation, velocity control and dead volume.
9 Calculations of the chimney and ventilating
10 Cathodic protection, earthing ,tests of the pressure and leakage
11 LNG, CNG systems and their selection criteria
12 LPG sytems
13 Dual systems for Natural gas and LPG systems
14 Evaluating of the projects


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1. ´Natural gas supplies Lecture Notes´ Dr. Kemal Çakır
2.´TS 7363 Natural gas installation design and application-building rules´ T.S.E.
3. ´Natural gas supplies´ M.M.O. No:133
4. ´Natural gas supplies pocket book´ M.M.O. No:150
5. ´Natural gas indoor plumbing regulations and technical specifications´ IGDAS
6. Aygaz, İpragaz, BP company technical publications related to the LPG
7. Several seminar notes and related articles

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