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1 Wastewater Transport and Components.
2 Wastewater Discharge Standards for Wastewater Treatment Systems
3 Preliminary and primary treatment systems
4 Secondary Treatment Systems
5 Tertiary Treatment Systems
6 Treatment facilities planning and design principles
7 Basic operations applied in Wastewater Treatment, Processes
8 Theory of Biological Treatment. Activated Sludge Systems.
9 Design of Activated Sludge Process
10 Midterm Exam
11 Biological nutrient removal design
12 Trickling Filter. Bio-discs.
13 Stabilization Ponds in Land Treatment Methods
14 Selection of Treatment Strategy


Ders Notu Wastewater Engineering Lecture Notes (Not Published)
Ders Kaynakları 1. Tchobanoglous, G., "Wastewater Treatment, Disposal and Reuse", Metcalf &Eddy, Mc Graw-Hill Book Comp., New York, 2003.

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