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1 Beginning of the Industrial relations, Industrial Revolution and its causes.
2 Developments during Ottoman and Republic Period, Production Factors and ideologies.
3 Employee-employer relations system (labor market, employment, unemployment, wages, labor productivity).
4 Parties in the employee-employer relations system (government, employer, unions, union types).
5 Collective bargaining, negotiations, collective agreements, conflict of interest and benefits.
6 Solution ways in case of conflict (Agreement, mediation, arbitration, strike and lockout).
7 Industrial democracy and mergers (elections, representative authority, business consolidations).
8 New industrial relations (Human resource management and enterprise culture).
9 New industrial relations (employment relationship and force usage).
10 New industrial relations (complaint, discipline and proposal systems).
11 New industrial relations (Environmental, occupational safety and health).
12 New industrial relations (employee participation and outsourcing).
13 Technological (Automation) and Financial (budgeting) developments.
14 Non-governmental organizations, globalization and global organizations.


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