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1 Why do earthquakes occur
2 A brief look to historical development of earthquake science
3 Technical information about earthquakes-1: earthquake hypocentral parameters, earthquake waves and their types
4 Technical information about earthquakes-2: determining earthquake location, term of magnitude and intensity.
5 Hazard, risk and disaster in context
6 Earthquake hazard and its nature
7 Primary earthquake hazards: earthquake ground motion and surface ruptures.
8 Secondary earthquake hazards; Liquefaction and land slides, rock and snow avalanches.
9 Secondary earthquake hazards; Tsunami and fires
10 Risk assessment and disaster management
11 Adjustment to earthquake hazard: Loss-sharing such as disaster aid and insurance.
12 Event modification adjustments: Environmental control and hazard-resistant structure design.
13 Vulnerability modification adjustments: Community preparedness, forecasting and warning, land use planning.


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