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1 Types of energy resources: Formation of fossil, renewable and nuclear energy resources
2 Production and use of fossil fuels, historical development , fuels and combustion
3 The structure of the atmosphere and the effects of combustion products. Global warming; Carbon dioxide, water vapor and greenhouse effect relationships.
4 Fuel and combustion-related air pollution. Precautions, facilities and techniques. Combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels in internal combustion engines. Environmental effects of vehicle pollutants and measures.
5 Environmental impacts of nuclear fuel production. Nuclear power plants and nuclear waste storage problem.
6 Natural resources: Potential and availability of renewable energy sources.
7 Hydroelectric power: availability and environmental effects of hydroelectric plants.
8 Solar energy systems, thermal and photo-electrical usage.
9 Availability and environmental impacts of wind power.
10 Availability of wave energy. Availability and environmental impacts of geothermal energy.
11 Biological fuels (biomass) production techniques with a zero balance of carbon dioxide.
12 Residential and industrial energy saving: The applicability of the methods and savings potentials.
13 Energy resources in the world and in Turkey: Energy production and consumption
14 Energy policies of Turkey and the World: National legislation and international contracts related to energy and environment.


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