Program Öğrenme Çıktıları
Program Öğrenme Çıktıları
1 An ability of developing, producing, analysing, reaching, evaluating graduate level knowledge of the related discipline through scientific methods; theoretical and operational research
2 Capability of utilising and developing the knowledge in accordance withthe scientific as well as social ethical and moral values
3 Capability of independently applying and utilising scientific methods and available knowledge for defining and solving discipline-specific problems
4 Ability to present discipline specific knowledge and developments to different audiences from various backgrounds by means of using verbal, printed, visual presentation techniques
5 Ability to develop and propose alternative solutions to unexpected problems faced in the related working environment and to take responsibility to tackle such situations
6 Capability of developing strategic and/or operational plans and policies on the related discipline/subjects in conformance with national and international quality assurance standards
7 Having an ability of verbal and written communication in at least one of the popular foreign languages
8 Capability of using IT and computer technologies comprising area-specific software and hardware tools and capability of developing these skills accordingly in line with the current trends
9 Ability to observe scientific, ethical and social values when gathering, interpreting and disseminating discipline-specific data and knowledge
10 Ability to apply area-specific knowledge and problem solving skills to interdisciplinary projects, research and collaborations
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