Conditions and quotas for Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Doctoral Program TR citizen and foreign nationality students are determined by the proposal of the relevant EABD/EASD department, by EK decision and approval of Senate before the start of the academic semester and announced on the Institute of Science and Technology (
For candidates who are Turkish citizens;
-Must get at least "65" points from the declared ALES score type for the doctoral degree programs.
- A minimum score of "55" from YDS or a score equivalent to that of a foreign language examination accepted by the Interuniversity Board.
Evaluation of achievement in admission to the doctoral program:
50% of the ALES grade, 25% of the science exam grade, and 25% of the GPA.
In the doctoral programs, the science examination is written and interviewed. Candidates who are below the "50" score on the science exam grade on a scale of "100" and who fail to take the science exam are deemed unsuccessful and can not be registered. There is no excuse examination for the science exam.
The graduation note (the grading system used by the university) is evaluated according to the grading schedule determined by the CoHE, except for the "4" system.
Applicants must have an undergraduate or graduate GPA of at least "2.50" in the "4" grading system.
Foreign language conditions are not required for foreign nationals.
ALES is not required for those who has completed their previous education outside of Turkey. At least "45" points in ALES exam is required for those who has completed their previous education in Turkey or it is required to obtain equivalent scores from an internationally recognized exam which is determinde by CoHE.
Foreign Student Achievement Assessment:
Achievement order takes place on the basis of GPA, and by the evaluation of the EADD/EASD department and EYK decision.
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