To apply to the PhD Program, Candidates must have;

- a master degree which is accepted by the department of Institude and accepted by the Supreme Institute Board,

-To get at least "65" points form ALES in the kind of program that is applying.

at least "55" points or an equivalent score from YÖKDİL, YDS, e-YDS or an international foreign language examination that is accepted as equivalent by Inter-University Council.

- Science Examination is written and interviewed in the PhD programs.

- Candidates who are below "50" on the science exam grade "100" are deemed unsuccessful.

It is sorted according to the grade of achievement evaluation. Success assessment scores are announced on 4. Candidates who are below the achievement evaluation mark "2.75" in the doctoral programs are considered to be unsuccessful.

The achievement evaluation grade is calculated as follows:

- 50% of ALES test score

- 25% of Master grade

- 25% of the science exam


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